Singh's Roti Shop & Bar Menu

Corner of Dr. Roy's Drive & Shedden Road, Downtown, George Town, Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands,
Telephone: (345) 946 7684

For Delivery Orders:
Call: 946-7684 | Fax: Faxed orders are not accepted | Email: Email your order now

Delivery terms: No minimum charge George Town area only
Delivery times: Monday to Friday 11am to 3pm

Daily Specials

Small $7 Large $9
Chicken Pelau with Coleslaw
Stewed Chicken & Red Beans with White Rice or Oxtail with Rice & Beans, Potato Salad or Curry fish with R&B or White Rice
Corn Soup or Red Bean Soup or Steamed Fish & Callaloo with White Rice or BBQ Chicken with Spanish Rice
Roast Chicken with Fried Rice & Chowmein or Pepper Shrimp with White Rice & Potato Salad
Shark & Bake (A Local Favorite)

Served Daily

Doubles - CI$2.00 Vegetarian dish
Dhalpourie Roti with:
Veggie (Potato, Pumpkin, Spinach) - CI$7.00 Vegetarian dish
Curry Chicken - CI$8.00
Curry Beef - CI$9.00
Curry Goat - CI$9.00
Curry Shrimp - CI$9.00
Curry Conch - CI$9.00
Curry Lobster - CI$10.00
Paratha Roti (with any meat) - CI$10.00
White Rice and Dhal with:
Curry Chicken or Veggie - CI$8.50
Curry Beef, Goat or Shrimp (add $0.50) - CI$6.50
Stew Chicken with White Rice (except Thursday)
Dhalpourie Skins - CI$2.50 Vegetarian dish
Paratha Skins - CI$3.50
Small $3, Large $5

Evening 5pm Onwards

Burgers with Fries:
Chicken $6.50, Beef $7, Fish $7.50, Chicken Wings (with Fries) $6.50, Fried Fish (with Fries) $7.50, Fries $3.00

Singh's Special

Sada Roti with:
Fried Aloo (Potato) - CI$5.50
Baigan (Eggplants) Choka - CI$5.50
Tomato Choka - CI$5.50
Okra and Aloo (Potato) - CI$5.50
Tomatoes and Saltfish - CI$6.50
Smoked Herring - CI$6.50
Fried Aloo (Potato) and Saltfish - CI$6.50

Last updated: Tue, 18 Dec 2018

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