Caboose Cayman Lunch and Dinner Menu

171 Elgin Avenue, George Town
Telephone: (345) 945 1816

For Delivery Orders:
Call: +1 (345) 945 1816 | Fax: Faxed orders are not accepted | Email: Email orders are not accepted

Delivery terms: Home or office delivery within the George Town and South Sound areas is FREE. (Minimum spend of $50)
Delivery times: Mon-Fri 11am-5pm

Smoked Protein

Sandwich CI$11.99, Bowl CI$12.99, 1/4 1b CI$5.99, 1/2lb CI$9.99, 1lb CI$18.99
Pork Ribs
1/4lb CI$4.99, 1/2lb CI$7.99, 1lb CI$15.99
Pulled Pork
Sandwich CI$8.99, Bowl CI$9.99, 1/4lb CI$4.99, 1/2lb CI$7.99, 1lb CI$15.99
Chopped Chicken
Sandwich CI$9.99, Bowl CI$9.99, 1/4lb CI$5.99, 1/2lb CI$9.99, 1lb CI$18.99
Vegetarian Bowl - CI$7.99
Sandwich CI$10.99, Bowl CI$11.99, 1/4lb CI$6.49, 1/2lb CI$10.99, 1lb CI$19.99
Jerk Tofu
Sandwich CI$6.99, Bowl CI$7.99

Cold Sides

Ingredients for popular breadfruit salad, mixed greens and marinated tomatoes are sourced from The Brasserie’s organic garden and local island farmers.

Hot Sides

Expect mac & cheese and baked beans; also seasonal favourites including callaloo greens, beans & rice and plantains.

Daily Specials

1/2lb Lunch Special - CI$12.99
2 meats and 2 sides
1/4lb Lunch Special - CI$7.99
1 meat and 1 side

Last updated: Wed, 18 Dec 2019

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