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Cayman Yellowfin Tuna Tartare - CI$13.50
Fresh local yellowfin tuna with wasabi mayo, wakami salad and crispy wontons
Appie Platter
Chef’s blind selection of either 3 (CI$10.5) or 4 (CI$14) appetizers to taste
Fish Ceviche - CI$12.50
Prepared daily, fresh from the sea with Tukka chips
Coconut Panko Prawns - CI$10.00
Crispy large tiger shrimp (5) with a Cayman lime & mango chutney
Conch & Crocodile Fritters - CI$14.00
Caybrew beer battered (4) with scotch bonnet remoulade & sweet chili cilantro dip
Calamari Rings - CI$11.00
Fried golden brown with passion fruit mayo & scotch bonnet spiced marinara sauce
East Side Pepper Crusted Tuna - CI$13.00
Flash fried rare Yellowfin with wakami salad, pickled ginger, wasabi and light soy sauce
NZ Lamb Meat Balls - CI$13.00
Served in a rich tomato sauce with mozzarella cheese & paprika siracha flavored Greek yogurt. 5 pieces.
Gun Bay Short Ribs - CI$14.00
Lightly spiced & guava BBQ glazed with cabbage & sesame vinegar slaw
Kangaroo Lolli-pops & Satays - CI$15.00
Lightly peppered Kangaroo Sausage sticks (3) with Barbecued Kangaroo Fillet Satays (3).
Lobster & Shrimp Spring Rolls - CI$13.50
Mini golden rolls (5) with sweet chili sauce & lime mango mayo
Tempura Brie - CI$9.50
Roasted garlic bread roll with cranberry chutney & arugula leaves, white truffle oil
Grilled Portobello Mushroom - CI$9.50
Served with mozzarella, arugula salad, sun-dried tomato pesto & sunflower seeds

Soups & Salads

Add: 3 grilled prawns (CI$7), 3oz Salmon (CI$7), 3oz Lobster (CI$15) or 3oz Chicken (CI$6)
Cayman Conch Chowder - CI$8.50
Tomato or cream based, ask your server
Walk-About Soup - CI$7.00
Prepared daily with Out-Back inspiration
Tukka Salad - CI$9.50
Mixed greens & cabbage with diced tomato, dried cranberries, crispy tortilla strips, grated cheese and citrus dressing
Garden Caprese Salad - CI$12.00
Vine-ripened tomatoes with fresh mozzarella & home grown basil, Extra Virgin Olive oil, aged balsamic vinegar & cracked black pepper
Caesar Salad - CI$9.50
Baby romaine leaves, aged Parmesan, bagel croutons & creamy Caesar dressing *Anchovies optional*
Baby Greens & Arugula - CI$9.50
Avocado & lime sesame dressing with orange segments and crispy hokkien noodles
Lobster Bisque - CI$8.50
Finished with cognac, crème fraiche and lobster medallions


Add: 1/2lb Grilled Caribbean Lobster Tail to your Dinner for CI$18.50. All additional sides for CI$2.50
Tukka Catch
East End fisherman’s catch of the day served the chefs way, ask your server for details. Market Price.
Hoisen Glazed Airline Chicken - CI$25.00
Green pea and roasted garlic penne pasta with an alfredo & Parmesan cream sauce
Lobster & Chicken Linguini - CI$27.00
Both sautéed with mushrooms, sun-dried tomatoes in a marinara rose sauce
Garlic Shrimp - CI$25.00
Sautéed and tossed in Extra Virgin Olive oil with linguini pasta, lemon juice, fresh herbs & garlic butter
Prawn Curry - CI$27.00
West Indian style with coconut basmati rice, mango chutney, yogurt raita & crisp poppadoms
Ginger Mahi Mahi - CI$25.00
Wasabi mash, baby bok choy, lemon oil, mango salsa & tobiko sauce shot
Sizzle Bouillabaisse Plate - CI$48.00
Mussels, scallop, lobster tail, calamari, prawns, salmon, fish & snow crab served sizzling with coconut rice & Thai flavored lobster broth
Caribbean Lobster Tails
Garlic whipped potato, Chef’s sides with drawn butter & burnt lemon. Half pound CI$29 or full pound CI$43
Hot & Cold Seafood Platter - CI$38.00
Spiny lobster tail, king prawns, ceviche, fried calamari & tempura fish
Jerked Chicken Boneless Thighs - CI$24.00
Chargrilled with a Pickapeppa glaze & basil pesto Parmesan gnocchi
Tukka Brochette - CI$38.00
Twin mixed grill skewers with beef filet, lobster medallions, chicken & king prawns, served with whipped potato, green beans & twin sauces
Jerked Pork Tenderloin - CI$36.00
Whipped sweet potatoes with green peas and fig demi glaze
French NZ Lamb Chops - CI$36.00
Marinated in a Dijon mustard & parsley gremolata, grilled and served with white truffle & callaloo orzo pasta, light port wine jus
Chef's Tasting Menu - CI$55.00
6 blind courses served from the kitchen, tell your server about any allergies
Filet Mignon - CI$28.00
6oz beef filet wrapped in smoked bacon, served with wild mushroom risotto, green beans and red wine demi glaze sauce
Out Back Steak and Chips - CI$34.00
12 oz Certified Angus Beef ® Strip-loin steak, Dijon & seeded mustard rubbed with thick steak fries & green beans
East End Reef & Beef - CI$40.00
Grilled Spiny Lobster tail & 5oz Certified Angus Beef ® Tenderloin, whipped potato, Chef's sides & twin dipping sauces
Aussie Drover’s Big Steak - CI$48.00
22oz Certified Angus Beef ® Porterhouse Steak Lightly blackened with fried onions & Chef's sides
Achiote Rubbed Yellow Fin Tuna - CI$25.00
Lobster & callaloo risotto with Parmesan and aged balsamic

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