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Almusal (Breakfast)

Served with garlic fried rice and any style eggs
Tapsilog - CI$12.00
Sliced and fried beef strips
Porksilog - CI$12.00
Braised pork chops bastek
Bangsilog - CI$12.00
Bangus, milk fish
Tosilog - CI$12.00
Tocino, fried pork belly
Longsilog - CI$12.00
Longaniza pinoy sausage

Karne Ng Baka (Beef), Manok (Chicken), Pagkaing-dagat (Seafood)

Kare-kare - CI$13.00
Oxtail stew, eggplant, bok choy, longbeans and peanut sauce
Arrozcaldo - CI$7.00
A savory porridge of rice, egg and chicken
Goto - CI$7.00
Savory concree, egg, rice and beef tripe
Seafood Sinigang - CI$18.00
Fish, scallops and mussels sour soup with vegetables and tamarind
Adobong Manok - CI$13.00
Chicken adobo with a soya, onion and garlic sauce
Caldereta - CI$13.00
Beef and tomato stew, carrot, onion, potatoes and coconut milk
Bulalo - CI$13.00
Beef shank soup, longbeans, bok choy and corn
Papaitan - CI$13.00
Stew of beef tripe, ginger, onion and garlic

Baboy (Pork)

Crispy Pata - CI$15.00
Fried pork leg, soya and onion sauce
Patatim - CI$17.00
Braised pork thigh, soya, bok choy, banana flower and black mushroom
Tokwa't Baboy - CI$7.00
Fried pork belly and tofu with soya and onion sauce
Dinuguan - CI$13.00
Pork tripe savory stew and chili pepper
Sinigang na Baboy - CI$13.00
Pork sour soup, eggplant, okra, longbeans and tamarind
Adobong Baboy - CI$13.00
Pork adobo with a soya, onion and garlic sauce
Pinakbet - CI$13.00
Mixed vegetables of pumpkin, eggplant, okra, bitter melon with crispy pork


Halo Halo - CI$7.00
Classic flan, ice cream, pandan gelatin and coconut
Mango Pudding - CI$7.00
Fresh mango, gelantin and milk

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