Grand Old House Lunch Menu

648 South Church Street, George Town, Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands,
Telephone: (345) 814-0163 / (345) 949 9333

Soups & Salads

Hot & Cold Soup of the Day - CI$7.50
daily fresh soup with delicious local ingredients
Burrata - CI$14.50 Vegetarian dish
soft creamy cheese, local tomatoes, black olives, aged balsamic vinegar, basil oil, crostini's
Caribbean Lobster Salad - CI$15.50
mango, peppers, scallion,s avocado, local tomato, fennel aioli
Red Quinoa Salad - CI$13.50 Vegetarian dish
romaine lettuce, baby corn, cherry tomatoes, orange, artichoke hearts, herb dressing
Ceasar Salad - CI$13.50
romaine hearts, shaved parmesan, anchovy, ceasar dressing, croutons
Strawberry & Spinach - CI$14.50 Vegetarian dish
crumbled feta cheese, candied pecan, sun dried cranberries, maple orange vinaigrette
Baby Beets Salad - CI$14.00 Vegetarian dish
burrata cheese, pickled red grapes, roasted beets, pine nuts, dried tomato tapenade rosemary vinaigrette

add chicken (grilled, blackened) $7 or add local daily catch (grilled, blackened) $8
Conch Chowder - CI$8.50
Coconut infused local conch, baby corn, lemon oil, bread crouton


Ceviche of the Day - CI$12.50
Local daily catch, marinated with local peppers, lime, pickled onion, scallion, watermelon sorbet
Cured Wahoo Carpaccio - CI$13.50
pickled onion, lemon oil, tempura crisps, chipotle aioli, local micro greens
Conch Fritters - CI$13.50
beer battered, jerk aioli, pickled mango
Pork Belly - CI$14.00
apple cannelloni, pumpkin puree, chorizo, pomegranate reduction
Homemade Mushroom Ravioli - CI$13.50 Vegetarian dish
cognac, mushroom, garlic, sage, truffle oil, asiago cheese
Pan fried Parma Ham wrapped Black Tiger Shrimp - CI$13.50
pickled melon, raisin puree, pomegranate reduction
Beef Short Ribs - CI$13.50
truffle oil, arugula salad, parmesan cheese, balsamic reduction

Main Courses

Local Mahi Mahi - CI$19.50
pan fried, local pumpkin, red quinoa salad, escovitch
Local Catch of the Day - CI$19.50
grilled, pan fried or Cayman style with mixed salad
Local Braised Goat - CI$17.50
jasmine rice, fried plantain, vegetables, mils curry sauce, breadfruit chips
New York Striploin - CI$19.50
roasted potatoes, vegetables, chimichurri sauce
Gnocchi Bolognese - CI$17.50
homemade gnocchi, minced beef sauce, plum tomato, parmesan dust
Baked Salmon - CI$19.50
braised leeks, orange, tomato confit, red wine sauce, sea salt
Chicken Cordon Blue - CI$18.00
black forest ham, pepper jack cheese, artichoke hears, potato gratin, chicken jus
Vegetarian Pasta - CI$16.00 Vegetarian dish
roasted pumpkin, eggplant, mushroom, garlic, pine nuts, fresh basil, chili flakes, extra virgin olive oil, shaved manchego cheese
Burger - CI$16.50
sirloin, lettuce, tomato, pickles, mushroom, cheddar cheese, steak fries and add foigras 2oz $18 or lobster 4oz $11
Lamb Kebab - CI$18.50
cumin rice, cucumber yogurt dip, roasted vegetables, red wine jus
Seafood Curry - CI$21.50
lobster, shrimp, mussels, catch of the day, savory rice, mango chutney, papadum chips
Panni Sandwich - CI$15.00
toasted ciabatta, avocado, tomato, pulled jerk chicken, black forest ham, cheddar cheese, mixed green salad, pickled onion, jerk aioli, french fries

~ Vegetarian dishes or dishes that include other dietary restrictions are available on request ~

Last updated: Fri, 27 Jan 2017

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