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Production Services

Lions Productions (Production Services)

 “We listen, we create, we produce”– the highly skilled, enthusiastic team at Lions Productions has the resources, creativity and experience to manage and produce your event. Lions are a well respected, innovative full service local design/production company providing seamless, unique and exclusive events.

Lions Productions is a full service event company located in Grand Cayman. Originally providing all of the staging, sound, and audio/visual needs on the island, we have grown over the past 20 years to incorporate complete event services as requested by our customers. We have a reputation for cutting edge design and production of events that become signature occasions for our clients, and we have worked from an elite referral only basis for many years.
From public and personal events to corporate events, concerts, weddings, and tradeshows, we design and create the original concepts that become the basis of the most talked about functions on the Island.  Incorporating top notch in-house inventory, professional staff and technical expertise,  Lions Productions can provide the team and equipment to make any event a success (especially behind the scenes).  Our many years experience working with the Island's hotels, restaurants or just a space on the beach means we can create occasions beyond imagination.
We will make your wedding a unique dream come true.  With innovative event styling, custom decor production, incredible floral and a very personalized design style, Lions Productions takes each wedding and creates the vision the bride and groom have always hoped for. From complete wedding coordination to a single perfect bouquet, Lions Productions does it all.
We have extensive experience in staging corporate functions, sales meetings, conferences, seminars and other business events.  Lions Productions can offer sleek modern business events with designs and production levels that exceed all expectations.  From creative marketing  tie-ins, networking receptions or charity galas, we can offer something different from the ordinary business style of events. Chic lounges, custom branded decor and high end technology are all elements Lions Productions can incorporate to take an event to the next level.  Let us empower your business.

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It's true, all sound is not created equal. It takes a trained ear to really indentify properly mixed sound. However, bad or no sound sticks out like a sore thumb. While just about anyone can plug in a speaker, it takes a trained professional to provide the correct sound systems with technical backup.

Lions Productions has a full expert team that can assist with anything from setting a simple PA system to concert quality sound mixing. We offer top equipment, correct technical installation and experienced on site staff during events. Lions Productions has produced events  of all sizes from festival style rock concerts to a single violinist for an intimate beach wedding. The attention to detail and quality expectations are the same for both - to hit the perfect note for our clients.
Lions Productions is also a top provider of audio visual equipment such as plasma screens, projectors, projection screens and video equipment needed to make any business or social event a success. We also maintain the largest inventory of staging plus the only large scale concert style stage top and rig on island.

Decor is the design come to life. It can change a basic ballroom into something that takes everyones breath away as they walk in.  It can be a super chic modern lounge setting,  lush floral displays on elegant linens or sparkling chandeliers in the ceiling. It seems simple but without a creative, experienced design and production team,  it can be overwhelming to achieve even a basic theme. Our creative team can work with you to provide some of the most inspired designs to fit any budget or location.
Lions Productions has a full in house production space and creates many of our designs on premise. We also have storage facilities filled with items we reconfigure into new and innovative designs with each event. From lounge sets, custom bars, floral vases and even down to the tinniest candle holder, Lions Productions can custom create event styling that is truly one of a kind.

Arguably the most cost effective way to change a space is through the use of lighting. Too often when people think of lighting, they think of simply eliminating darkness. The use of lighting allows for so much more. By using shadows and texture the look, feel, and mood of a room can be completely transformed.
Lions Productions can offer so many different ways to enhance lighting for an event. From intelligent lighting, new LED technology, decor style lights and theatrical special effects, our specially trained crews can create lighting designs to add that WOW factor anywhere.

But it's more then just some pretty lights.  Lions Productions provides expertise in power distribution, correct cabling and electrical grid layouts for events as well as assistance with any generator or additional power needs required. We have an extensive in house stock of specialty items such as spotlights, foggers, snow machines and other effects we can add in with our light designs to create even more excitement.