Dining Alfresco

Sunshine & Moonlight

Dean Martin croons “When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie, that’s amore!”- and isn’t that the honest truth?

Whether it’s the romance of star filled skies and moonlight in the evenings, the enticing warmth of the midday sun, or the fresh morning breeze blowing in off the sea, no matter what time of day or night it is, there is something undeniably delicious about dining outside.

Alfresco, an Italian word, literally translates to “in the open air”- and isn’t it really about the air? The very fact of being outdoors, breathing in the fresh air, seems to heighten all the senses, making food taste better than ever: the butter is creamier, the bread is fluffier, the salads crunchier. A simple meal can be transformed into a memorable event by the sheer pleasure of eating alfresco. A picnic on the beach, a roadside sampling of traditional fare or a sumptuous three course meal are all enhanced by a fresh air location.

The ideal venue for revelling in the pleasure of an alfresco experience, however, is from the terrace of a restaurant. It is practically a movie theatre for people watching and, coupled with a panoramic view, can provide hours of tranquil relaxation and enjoyment. An alfresco sunset dinner is a sure hit with everyone: tourists, residents and their guests—guaranteed.

When visitors arrive on our beautiful islands each year, it is with the simple desire to embrace the outdoor lifestyle that the Caribbean climate makes possible. Cayman is graced with near-perfect weather almost year-round, which makes dining alfresco possible almost every day of the year.

With temperatures that average 78 degrees in winter and 84 degrees in summer, conditions are perfect for eating outdoors and 99% of the time a sweater is not required. It is no wonder tourists request “a table outside, please”, when they can enjoy a great meal under the Caribbean sun, moon or stars.

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There are few pleasures in life as simple yet as complete as enjoying a drink or meal in the open air. Whether it’s a quiet coffee and a pastry paired with your favourite newspaper, or a festive dinner under the stars going into the wee hours—dining alfresco encompasses a complete sensory experience in nature’s splendor.

Our Good Taste magazine highlights restaurants which offer alfresco dining so that you can enjoy breakfast, lunch or dinner under the sun or stars.