Featured Grand Cayman Bartenders for 2014

Featured here are some of the coolest bartenders from Grand Cayman bars for 2014. Read on and learn some interesting facts about them. Next time you see them in one of Cayman Islands bars, you will be able to surprise them with your inside knowledge!



Funniest Bartending Experience: Playing strip poker with some customers and totally bartending naked (safe to say I'm not that good at cards)!



Funniest Bartending Experience?  Being called into work on my day off because a co worker lit another co-worker on fire... soooo, not much staff leftover after that fiasco!



What's your hangover cure? Drop a Berocca into a glass of water. Trust me, it will do the magic.



Trends in Bartending? Everyday is something different with bartending, from Aperol Spritzers for my Austrian friends, a deep heavy Cab for R&B Artist John Legend to the cool Rockstar Iggy Pop enjoying a refreshing Caybrew.



Funniest Bartending Experience? Working on Sunday daytime so watching American football. One of the guys asks me and my other bartender what we thought of the Carolina Panthers. My buddy, from Maryland, launched into how how bad they were! I asked the gentleman what he did for a living, so he gave me his business card... it read 'Owner-Carolina Panthers'.



What’s your signature cocktail? A Rum & Fig Old Fashioned. So good and one of my absolute favourites