Best Cafes 2020

Over hundreds of years, a long-standing tradition has formed around the act of gathering for a coffee. From the near-ceremonial and ritualistic kissaten in Japan, lanchonetes in Brazil, hygge in Denmark, or the pastane in Turkey, to the rushed almost-addiction fuelled experience of American and Canadian coffee shops, modern trends are driving a new wave of coffee culture in Cayman. Although not quite the world capital of ‘coffee-crazy’ Seattle (with 35 coffee shops per 1000 citizens!), Grand Cayman now boasts near 20 café-style spots that are all seeking to caffeinate both locals and visitors – whether
looking for grab-and-go morning fuel, a laid-back date night, a neutral zone to have intellectual debates, or a temporary work space for a productive afternoon.

Kaibo Espresso Coffee Shop

Come for designer lattes, nitro, cold brew and espresso shots creatively pulled from farm-to-table coffee; and an abundant assortment of gourmet breakfast options. An extension of your own home, you can come and go with ease, hold court or simply sit back and take in the sea view. You’ll be amongst friends at Kaibo Espresso Coffee Shop.

PHONE: 947 9975 • 585 Water Cay Road, Rum Point
Hours: Daily 7am-4pm

Cafe Del Sol

Café Del Sol was established in June 2001 as the Island’s first internet coffeehouse of its kind. Located in Marquee Plaza and, their newest location, Country Corner, the relaxing and inviting space boasts comfortable indoor and outdoor seating, as well as free WiFi, creating an environment where customers can both socialise with friends and get work done. Patrons can get their caffeine fix with a wide variety of hot and cold coffee and teas, as well as a tasty selection of sweet treats and savoury snacks. Sip on a classic cappuccino or branch out with a Mexican Spiced Cocoa Latte or Iced Green Tea Latte – both pair great with one of Café Del Sol’s signature Spinach and Feta Pretzels or a deliciously flaky Almond Croissant.

PHONE: 946 2233 (SMB) 946 3344 (SAV) • Marquee Plaza, SMB and Country Corner, Savannah
Hours: Mon-Sat 6.30am-8pm, Sun 7am-8pm (SMB) Mon-Sat 6.30am-9pm, Sun 7am-8pm (SAV)

Island Naturals

With a passion for fresh food and natural and organic ingredients, Island Naturals brings that same philosophy to their coffee counter. Their wide range of caffeinated options include lattes, cappuccinos and Americanos, to the more modish flat whites and red eyes. All coffees are made with Island Naturals’ exclusive roast and a choice of seven milk options: oat milk, quinoa milk, coconut milk, almond milk, organic whole milk, organic 2% milk or organic half and half. Enjoy specialty beverages such as a variety of teas and hot or cold superfood lattes, including chai, matcha and turmeric. Pair with a slice of housemade vegan cheesecake or muffin for the ultimate midday pick-me-up.

PHONE: 945 2252 • Coconut Plaza, SMB
Hours: Mon-Fri 7am-8pm, Sat 8am-6pm, Sundays & Bank Holidays 8am-5pm

Brasserie Market

Voted as one of the best places in the Cayman Islands to enjoy a coffee, The Brasserie is the proud exclusive distributor of small-batch artisanal coffees from Barrington Coffee Roasting Company. In January 2009, The Brasserie Market opened its doors and became the second espresso outlet on Grand Cayman, and the only location on Island to host an extensive barista training programme led by Seattle-based freelance coffee consultant, Erin Hulbert. “After six hours a day of steaming milk, mastering espresso fundamentals, diligently learning cleaning routines, coffee origins, and preparation methods, the team of Brasserie baristas are well on their way to fully understanding and executing perfect espresso as an art,” says Erin. Just a few reasons why your next coffee break should be at The Brasserie.

PHONE: 945 1814 • Cricket Square, 171 Elgin Avenue, GT
Hours: Mon-Fri 7am-5pm