Featured Grand Cayman Bartenders for 2016

Best Bartenders 2016
Featured here are some of the hottest bartenders from Grand Cayman bars for 2016. Read on and learn some interesting facts about them and read their full interviews. Next time you see them in one of Cayman Islands bars, you will be able to surprise them with your inside knowledge!

Jarlath Sheridan – Fidels (originally from Enniscorthy, Ireland)

What's your favourite hangover cure?: Definitely a Bloody Caesar made with my Habanero infused vodka.

What's your signature cocktail?: Umm its changed a bit throughout the years, but I'd say my new signature cocktail is one I had developed for Cayman Cocktail week & we've decided to add to our new cocktail list. It is called The Scottish Rambler and it is made with Botanist Gin Raspberry Kombucha, fever tree tonic and lemon.

What brought you to Cayman and what made you stay longer than you had intended?: Well I've just gotten started really! I'd been bar tending in Atlanta for a while, and was looking for a bit of a change. One day, I was on to one of my mates from back home, found out that he was over here now & loving it. So I thought, why not give it a go? Its been a great laugh so far.

What is your funniest bartending experience: I was working at this bar in Belgium, on Christmas Eve, a couple years ago. We'd closed up for the night and were having a bit of a staff party. Doors had been closed to the public for ages, I mean ages, when all of a sudden an old man in a Santa suit sauntered out of the jacks and demanded a pint. The unusual thing is we'd all been to the Jacks a number of times, they weren't big like, and not one of us had ever noticed anyone in there. Definitely the strangest experience, I can remember.

Have you ever spotted a celebrity at your bar? Haven't been on island long enough to have served any yet, but I did serve Clint Eastwood once in Atlanta.

Nino – Grand Old House

What's your favourite hangover cure: Double espresso with a shot of Sambuca and half an hour later a can of Red Bull.

Signature cocktail: Tea Martini: Earl grey tea infused vodka, mint tea syrup, fresh lemon Juice, flamed lemon twist! Everything self-made of course

Coming to Cayman: A Caymanian visited me in the bar I was working in Munich… he fell in love with the drinks I offered there and told me to come to Grand Cayman and open up my own Bar! That was the first time I ever heard about Cayman… Reason why I stayed: I fell in love!

Funniest Experience: Police officer walked in when I was working in Berlin, came behind the bar and arrested me… I forgot it was the 1st of April. I was a real April fool

Have you ever spotted a celebrity at your bar? Alicia Keys, Sachin Tendulkar, Serena Williams, Dan Marino, Arnold Palmer, Terrance Howards. All at Grand Old House

Cassandra Videtic also know as SASSYGIRL – Deckers

What's your favourite hangover cure?: Spicy Caesar and a dip in the sea usually sorts me right out.

What's your signature cocktail?: Bazooka Joe - Acai green tea infused gin, fresh lime, pink guava purée and for sure the Signature DECKERS Cocktail the Blood Orange Mojito - Our specialty! Cuban Rum with Muddled Mint , Blood Orange Juice . The perfect cocktail!

What brought you to Cayman and what made you stay longer than you had intended?: I was originally brought down on a 9 month contract as a bar manager for another establishment. I fell in love with the island and all the incredible people I met here. Have now been here for a little over 5 years.

What is your funniest bartending experience: I was telling one of the servers what to garnish the non-alcoholic frozen drinks with, as she was walking away I shouted across the bar "wait!! The virgins get whipped cream on top!" The entire bar was cracking up.

Have you ever spotted a celebrity at your bar? Being from Ohio a huge country music fan. I had the privilege of taken care of Kenny Chesney.

Chris McAllister – Ortanique

What's your favourite hangover cure: I know the obvious answer is the "hair of the dog" or a Bloody Caesar. Call me crazy but my choice is tons of water, sleeping in and a shower. Haha! Sorry, it probably wasn't the answer you were looking for.

Signature cocktail: At Ortanique, our signature cocktail is our famous, award winning Mojito. I don't want to give away all our secrets, i mean, everyone basically makes it with the same ingredients but we feel we have it perfected with fresh ingredients from, in house boiled Simple Syrup, the way we cut our limes, to the ratio of rum to soda.

Coming to Cayman: I’ve actually had the dream of moving down here a long time ago, being interested in the financial side of things as a teen. But as I grew older, I changed fields, but still, being a bartender brought me here. I had 3 friends living down here all at different times and all loved it and highly recommended Cayman. The most recent of friends, Rob, was still here and kept telling me how great it was and trying to convince me to move here. And voila, the rest is history. Ive been here a year now(minus 2 months of vacay) and ill be here for many years to come. The people are so friendly, the wildlife amazes me everyday from the tiny little lizards, crabs, and my favourite so far, the stingrays, and of course, the weather and SMB.

Have you ever spotted a celebrity at your bar? Mark Cuban (NBA owner of the Dallas Mavericks and Shark tank tv show) But not until him and his family were walking out the door. The waiter dropped the ball on that one. Bobby Orr, a NHL hockey Bruins legend. I totally got a picture with him!! I’m from Canada, comm'on man

Micah Jensen – Cracked Conch/Macabuca Bar & Grill

What's your favourite hangover cure?: ...well to quote a famous Barman "The only cure for a hangover is to never start or never stop". It's the hair of the dog theory, I like Negronis and Espresso.

What's your signature cocktail?: My signature cocktail changes with each venue in which I work and with each season. One that I have reinvented many times with many different ingredients is my version of a Rum Runner. On our new list at The Bubble Bar, It will be A Mango Rum Runner, a shaken concoction with Rum, Lime, house made Mango Falernum and bitters. Also watch out for our Cay-Manhattan and the Bubble Bar Daiquiri.

What brought you to Cayman and what made you stay longer than you had intended?: It will be the sea, the people and the lifestyle that will make me stay longer than I intend.

What is your funniest bartending experience: My funniest bartending experience may have been working in a nightclub In Vancouver. It was a jungle themed night, we were all wearing camouflage and they had a live puma and a live Leopard. About half way through the night, somehow the Leopard escaped from its cage. Total mayhem ensued, the crowd scattered, I jumped on my bar to get a better view and try to calm people down, just then the leopard leapt over to the bar and sat directly under where I was standing! For the whole story come and see me for a drink at The Bubble Bar.

Have you ever spotted a celebrity at your bar? Over the years I have served many celebrities, athletes etc. The one that sticks out right now is R.E.M. They stayed at the hotel where I was working at the time. They were super nice and down to earth; we would open the bar after hours for them. We'd drink Sambuca and smoke Marlboro's, till the wee hours.

Eoghan (promounced "Owen") – Whiskey Mist

What's your favourite hangover cure: Best hangover cure for me is jumping in the ocean.

Signature cocktail: Signature cocktail would have to be Bulleit Old fashioned, we are a whiskey bar after all.

Coming to Cayman: I came here as a tourist in 2005 and fell in love with the island. Five years later I decided to make the move here and haven't looked back since. The quality of life is what keeps me here. I love being outdoors and the climate here suits that lifestyle.

Have you ever spotted a celebrity at your bar? Famous rapper Lil Jon has been at the bar.