Best Wine Lists 2018

Best Wine Collections in Cayman
Wine connoisseurs, the Cayman Islands will not disappoint— sophisticated vintages abound, with many restaurants winning Wine Spectator Awards, year after year. Do not be surprised if while dining at a chic eatery on Seven Mile Beach, your friendly sommelier casually mentions that you have over 1000 bottles to choose from! Yes, Cayman’s culinary establishments are serious about wine. While some offer vintages unique to their eatery, most house their dizzying array of bottles in carefully constructed, state of the art climate controlled cellars. Your only challenge will be choosing where to dine and of course, whether to pair your meal with an old world vintage or a bold, experimental newbie!

Extensive Wine List

Beach House

The wine list at Beach House contains over 250 different labels with an extensive selection to suit every palate. Beach House is also proud to have received the 2017 Wine Spectator's Award of Excellence. This has helped confirm Beach House's excellent reputation in Grand Cayman, leaving its clientele even more satisfied with the consistently excellent service. The wine programme for 2017-18 includes well-known selections, as well as wines of more uncommon varietals from around the world. In addition, their Captain’s list categorises higher profile selections on the list making this oceanside eatery an unparalleled dining experience.

PHONE: 945 3800 ext 6017 • Westin Beach Resort, Seven Mile Beach
Features: Extensive Wine List, Uncommon Varietals

Italian & Seafood


LUCA Restaurant on SMB has a wine cellar to rival anything in Cayman. It has received the Wine Spectator Award every year since 2008, and since 2010 their award was upgraded to Best of Award of Excellence. With a refreshingly modern design, the two climate controlled wine rooms hold 4,500+ bottles and over 1,100 different varieties from around the globe. Along with the usual selection of very popular varieties, there are selections unique to LUCA which are unavailable anywhere else on Cayman. The Italian-made cellars are a dizzying architectural display of sleek stainless steel and Palisandro wood, enclosed in floor to ceiling glass.

PHONE: 623 4550 • Caribbean Club, Seven Mile Beach
Features: Italian/Seafood, Extensive Wine List

European and New World Cuisine

Grand Old House

Grand Old House’s meticulously assembled wine collection offers more than 800 selections with over 15,000 bottles from around the world. With extensive offerings from Bordeaux and California, as well as many selections from Italy, Spain, Austria, Germany, and the Rhone Valley, the restaurant’s wine list offers a wine experience for every individual palate and drinking expectation. All their wines are stored in their elegant Wine Room and they are a consistent winner of the prestigious Wine Spectator Best of Award of Excellence. Their aim is simply to offer the most exciting wine experience to each of their guests, whether a beginner or the most dedicated of wine connoisseur. Their on-staff wine expert and sommelier, Luciano, can help you choose a wine for your taste and budget.

PHONE: 814 0163 • South Church Street, George Town
Features: Over 800 selections and 15,000 bottles

Italian & Seafood


Ragazzi’s wine list has received the Wine Spectator’s Award of Excellence every year since 2003 and was upgraded in 2010 to Best of Award of Excellence. With over 900 selections to choose from, Ragazzi’s wine list is created with the following culinary philosophy in mind: that food and wine are intended to complement each other as only Italians know best. In addition to offering some of your favourite wines from many international wine regions, Ragazzi also imports Italian wines, which you won’t be able to find anywhere else on Grand Cayman. Many of these wines are from Tuscany, Friuli and Piedmont, including vineyards like Lisini, Biondi Santi, Venica and Giacosa. All their wines are stored in temperature-controlled cellars and served in crystal stemware to ensure that the wine is delicious.

PHONE: 945 3484 • 720 West Bay Road, Buckingham Square, Seven Mile Beach
Features: Italian/Seafood, Exclusive Italian Wines

Eclectic Seafood


In the heart of Seven Mile Beach you will find chic and sophisticated Agua. Winner of the Wine Spectator Award annually since 2011 and upgraded to Best of Award of Excellence in 2015, 2016 and 2017. Agua offers a spectacular wine collection selected to pair impeccably with their renowned and popular menu that takes its inspiration from far flung regions like the Mediterranean, South America, South East Asia and the Caribbean. Agua's wide ranging wine collection is also reasonably priced and designed to fit any budget. Thanks to their Coravin System you can now order top notch wines by the glass.

PHONE: 949 2482 • Galleria Plaza, Seven Mile Beach
Features: Italian Cuisine, International Wines

Continental International

The Wharf

Now in its 30th year, The Wharf has continued to delight visitors and locals alike with its continental Caribbean cuisine and award winning wine list. Situated on the waterfront at the beginning of beautiful Seven Mile Beach, it is the perfect spot for catching Cayman’s spectacular sunsets. The Wharf boasts an underground, climate controlled wine cellar, housing over 300 different wine labels and vintages. The Wharf's wine collection heralds from all over the world, with a special selection of international wines and a large selection from the USA. The Wharf received the Wine Spectator Award of Excellence for 2017.

PHONE: 949 2231 • 43 West Bay Road, Seven Mile Beach
Features: USA, International and All World Wines